The Joe Davidian Trio performs a mix of original works and jazz standards. They have toured internationally for the past 12 years, presenting concerts and giving masterclasses on improvisation and ensemble playing...

"Known collectively as JD3, these cats can swing.
– Jarrett Berman, Seven Days

"Pianist Davidian's trio explorations are exquisitely swinging and elegantly expressive. World class jazz…!"
– Fred Wilbur, The Spiel

"With loving care they take the haunting melody and build a priceless masterpiece. In Davidian’s playing the strength of a Keith Jarrett comes through clearly…"
– Paul J. Youngman, jazzreview.com

"…Davidian wanders from light, flowing melodies to moments of abstraction and even dissonance, giving listeners enough familiarity while venturing into more daring, uncharted territory."
– Jack Silverman, The Nashville Scene

"Joe Davidian has an interesting concept…which drives and swings to the max."
– John Gilbert, ejazznews.com

"…three up-and-coming jazz musicians whose music is lyrical and accessible.
– Art Edelstein, The Times Argus

"Young pianist Joe Davidian…is already developing a reputation as one of the most promising new talents…"
– Bill Barton, Seven Days

"For jazz lovers, it’s reassuring to hear such young artists performing this kind of music with such enthusiasm and knowledge."
– A.C. Hutchinson, The Times Argus

"Joe Davidian has a bright future, and American jazz can only profit from his inevitable arrival as a major player."
– A.C. Hutchinson, The Times Argus

"…a sound so rich and classic you might think you’d walked into a show on 52nd Street in New York in 1956. Heck, at moments I thought Tony Bennett was going to sit in for a song or two."
– Steve Lemcke, The Burlington Free Press

"What Joe Davidian brings to the piano is a widescreen imagination, popping with colorful harmonic and rhythmic variety, plus a serious dexterity to convey whatever idea comes into his head. In his fleet-fingered playing, there is action and drama…"
– Bill DeMain, Jazz Times & Entertainment Weekly contributor

"Bobbing and weaving, leaning back from the piano, Davidian engages with the instrument almost as if it’s a dance partner…"
– Bill DeMain, Jazz Times & Entertainment Weekly contributor